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Notaries and Certified True Copy

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What are Notaries and Certified True Copy?

A Notary is a person licensed by the government to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents. Such documents can include Power of Attorneys (POA), Contracts, Agreements, Affidavits and the like.

Certified true copy refers to the notary ensuring that the documents are true copies of the original. Documents involved here can be passports, marriage/birth certificates, certificates of incorporation, educational certificates and more.

Why would you need documents Notarised?

You might need documents notarised, or documents to be certified to be true copy in various situations.

For example, if you are accepting a job offer overseas, your employer might require your educational certificates and other documents (such as the police clearance form) to be notarised. This would mean having a notary public sign and stamp your documents to certify that it is true copy. The purpose is to show that your documents are legitimate and to prevent fraud or identity theft.

Usually, the organisation you are dealing with will inform you in advance if you need to get your documents notarised.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost?

Costs for getting documents certified by a notary usually costs about $150 onwards – however this depends on the type and quantity of documents needed to be certified.

Who uses LawyerSearch to get legal documents ?


We work with small business owners and even individuals in Singapore who are too busy to meet up with lawyers to get a legal document done. Since everything is done online, we are saving our users alot of time! In addition, they get a sound piece of mind knowing they are receiving a well constructed, quality legal document from reputable and experienced lawyers that will protect their interests.

What is your turn around time?

Once your requirements have been discussed with the Lawyer, they will typically email you the first draft within 1 working day. For less common or more complex documents, it can take up to 2-3 working days.

Can I collect the document instead of having it emailed to me?

You can discuss the delivery of the document with the lawyer. In most cases, this can be done.

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