PMDs and the Law

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PMDs, also known as Personal Mobility Devices, have been utilized increasingly by Singaporeans over the past years. These devices, which usually cost about $1000 or less, can be bought by almost anyone who is old enough to operate its features.

While PMDs provide its owners with a significant level of convenience, it also comes at a risk to others. These risks include :

  • Other pedestrians being knocked down
  • Reckless PMD owners riding them dangerously on public roads, or even on expressways
  • Not adhering to traffic laws
  • Nuisance caused by blasting loud music attached to the PMDs


escooter on highway

escooter on highway

Such reckless behavior, together with the increasing nuisance caused by some PMD owners have attracted the govt’s attention and they have stepped in to implement stricter laws against errant PMD users.

These include stepping up enforcement and implementing stiffer fines for those who break the law :

LTA PMD fines

Source : LTA

However, the govt is not all out to fine users. LTA has also put up banners at 175 locations throughout singapore to warn users against riding their PMDs on the roads.


Things to note if you are a PMD user

If you are a PMD user, do keep in mind that the use of PMDs are restricted to footpaths and park connectors. Electric bicycles on the other hand, are allowed on the roads but not on expressways.

You are also allowed to carry your foldable bicycles or PMDs on board public transport such as buses and MRT. However, your device is restricted to dimensions of 120cm x 70cm x 40 cm

Speed limits on footpaths is 15km/h, and 25km/h on shared and cycling paths.

The fines for using non-compliant PMDs are hefty. You can be fined up to $5,000 or imprisoned up to 3 months, or both. Speaking of non-compliance, it could also be an offence to modify these devices illegally under the proposed Active Mobility Act.

Ride within the speed limits on footpaths, and stay safe !

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