Reasons to opt for a Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

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Top Reasons to Opt For a Divorce Lawyer

For many people, divorce can be a confusing, complicated and emotional process. These people only feel relieved when they have an experienced divorce lawyer by their side who can guide them through this difficult process. If you have filed for a divorce, be ready to make many crucial decisions, which can have a lasting impact on your life going forward. It is a phase when your emotions may try to cast a shadow on your rational thoughts. You may not be in a position to think clearly. Hence, though all divorcing couples may not require a divorce lawyer yet, i.e mediation, hiring a good one could indeed be in your good interests. It is particularly true that when your divorce is contested (husband and wife cannot agree to the terms of the divorce, hence having to fight it out in court), there are a lot of assets involved, and with children from the marriage, it can be a complicated one.

You may also have to hire a divorce lawyer as soon as possible, if the other party has already done so. Delaying getting help may further complicate things as your attorney will have more things to catch up on. Furthermore, since you are in a greater rush to hire a lawyer, you might simply hire the cheapest one, or the one that’s most convenient for you without considering other factors like their experience, professionalism, and so on.

Following are some of the top reasons when you should go for a divorce lawyer instead of representing yourself for your divorce case (in Singapore, referred to as acting in person). 

Not familiar with the functioning of family court/matrimonial law

While it is true that many judges are quite patient, you may be completely unfamiliar with Singapore’s divorce or family laws. You may be ignorant about the documents needed or clueless about the steps to follow. Thus, it is possible that you may end up pushing the patience of the judge. When a judge loses his cool, there is likelihood that they will be less sympathetic towards you. An experienced divorce lawyer knows what he or she should say so that your case is stronger represented in the court. On the other hand, you can end up jeopardising your case by uttering or doing something wrong.

Not to mention that in Singapore, people who represent themselves are still held to the same standards as someone represented by a lawyer (i.e you are treated no different and still have to adhere to the rules and standards required by the courts).

Your divorce attorney can come up with choices that might not have occurred to you

Your family lawyer may be better equipped to assess your unique situation. He or she will inform you the possible outcome when you take your divorce case in the court. Since they have experiences with similar cases and judges, they can come up, with several legally acceptable choices for settling your case. Plus, a good lawyer can also guide you on whether to raise a counter-proposal, fight your case in the court or opt for a divorce settlement.

It goes without saying that a good divorce lawyer might be expensive, but they save you a lot of headache and trouble down the line. Not to mention that your entire assets and children is on the line. The cost of a good family lawyer pays itself in the long run. 

They can give you sensible and objective advice during this highly nerve-wracking phase

Divorce can be an emotional and tense phase for both parties. Both you and your soon to be ex-spouse may go through a roller coaster ride of emotions like resignation, confusion, rage, depression, fear, apprehension, betrayal, and unhappiness. It is tough to be objective and keep your cool when all these emotions overwhelm you too much. Your sense of judgment can get skewed as a result.

In fact, there are very few who can control their emotions at this crucial juncture of their life. Their mental state can further hamper their capability to think and function productively. Since a divorce attorney can function as an objective, sensible third party, they can be level-headed and separate themselves emotionally from your divorce case and work to offer you the best possible resolution. A good attorney will remind you time and again to control your emotions. They can connect you to other professionals for channelizing your feelings to positive directions,

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