Narcissistic Relationships and Divorce

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What is a narcissistic relationship?

It is essentially a relationship in which one or both partners have a narcissistic personality. A narcissist is defined as someone who ‘has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves’.

We all have some level of interest in ourselves, but narcissists take it to the next level by  believing they’re superior to others and have little to no regard for other’s feelings. They have an over inflated sense of their own importance and have a very deep need for admiration and validation from others.

Statistics say that 75% of narcissists are men. But this doesn’t mean that men themselves shouldn’t be wary of narcissistic women. Narcissists are narcissists. They are gender independent. For both sexes, it starts off and ends pretty much the same. They were drawn to the narcissist’s good looks or charming ways, and ignored the red flags that their friends/family warned them about. They were too dazzled by the narcissist’s physical characteristics and charm. But before too late, they end up in a disappointing relationship, having to bear the consequences of being in such a toxic relationship.

Relationships with narcissists are emasculating. They make you feel as though you are never good enough, and can cause you emotional and financial ruin. One of the worst traits of being in such a relationship is it causes the ‘victim’ self-doubt. Self-doubt takes over your thoughts and emotions slowly and finds it way into all areas of your life. You will never be good enough, you are not earning enough, your car is not nice enough, you aren’t doing well enough and so on.

This self-doubt, if not treated, will become the norm for someone and it will destroy the person whilst he or she is trying to please the narcissistic partner. Some of the things narcissistic partners do include :


  1. Blaming everyone else but themselves when something goes wrong
  2. Doesn’t hold him/herself accountable, e.g “You caused me to…”
  3. They believe they are always right
  4. They think others opinions are of lower importance than theirs
  5. They are more concerned about how your behavior reflects on him or her than on understanding the problem at hand
  6. It’s all about his/her money, time, property, and wishes
  7. They are unwilling to listen to you and to hear your concerns
  8. They are constantly telling you what to do
  9. They make you feel like you’re not good enough
  10. They still want to exploit you after a divorce

There are many more traits of a narcissistic partner but these are some of the common ones. As you can see, living with such a person can be very difficult as time passes. You are unhappy and are robbing yourself a chance at a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Check out the video below for more on narcissistic relationships :

To conclude, a narcissistic relationship is a lose-lose situation for both. The narcissist will never be happy until they change their ways, while their partner is constantly looking for a way out of the relationship. This bitter relationship with narcissists usually ends with divorce and disappointment.

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