International Divorce Myths Debunked

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The intricacies of a divorce process will not be familiar with you if you are going through a divorce procedure for the first time in your life. In case you are seriously contemplating divorce and trying to get a feel for how a divorce works, you can take advice from your friends, family members, colleagues or even your hairstylists. There is a chance that some of them might have already gone through this ordeal already and can share their experiences about the divorce process. However, there is also a strong likelihood that their perception of the divorce process is not quite correct.

Certain myths or misconceptions about divorce can trigger people to end up making decisions that may eventually hurt them a lot. It is precisely for that reason why it is so important to consult a reputable divorce lawyer as soon as possible when you are contemplating your divorce. Hire the services of a good divorce lawyer in your locality who can guide you on legal advice Singapore and bust those misconceptions about divorce.

The Court Can Deny Your Visitation Rights When You Do Not Pay For Your Child Support To The Ex-Spouse

While a process does exist to enforce your obligations for child support, denying or threatening visitation rights is typically not included in it. To put it in even more simple words, your access to the kids is not linked to the obligation of child support payment.

The Court Can Deny Your Divorce Petition

If you are filing for your divorce, it signifies that you are requesting the concerned judge to grant you the divorce. It does not mean that your request can be denied by the said judge. So, when you ask for that divorce, you will get it in all probability. If all the relevant visitation, custody and financial issues have got resolved during a trial or a settlement, the court will grant you a divorce.

Children’s Custody Is Always Awarded To The Mothers

There is no doubt that the courts often favor the mothers as far as the custody of the kids is concerned. But there have been slow and steady changes in the society that approves the custodial abilities of both the parents alike. A court makes decisions about visitation and custody based on what they feel will work for the kids’ best interests. It also depends to a large extent on specific characteristics and circumstances, which is not related to the gender of the parent.

You Need To Get Your Divorce In The Same State Where Your Marriage Has Taken Place

People keep moving from one place to another since life is long and circumstances keep changing. You could have got married in New York but are now staying in San Francisco. You need not travel all the way to New York to get your divorce. It is possible to file for your divorce in the state where you are residing now provided you are eligible for the criteria to fulfill the residency guidelines to file for that divorce.

Avoiding To Pay Child Support Expenses Is Okay

When you have minor kids but you do not get the custody of those children, you may have to pay for supporting them. When you do not comply with the court’s order, steps can be taken to enforce the court orders and procure the support owed.

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