How to choose a Notary Public in Singapore

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Factors To Consider While Selecting A Good Notary Public in Singapore


There are hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers who are qualified to provide notary public services all over Singapore, so it can be a bit tricky to select one that suits your needs and budget. You would want to select the best candidate for your job irrespective of the kind of service you need including tasks like getting a power of attorney or an estate deed prepared for you. Just because a person or a firm is certified as Public Notary does not signify they can fulfil your specific requirements.

For those who require notary public services in Singapore (for locals or foreigners), here are some of the factors to consider before making your decision :

Qualification Or Specialisation Area
You should check the qualifications of the notary to make sure that their skill sets match your requirements. You will notice many notaries displaying their specialty fields and qualifications on their service descriptions, business cards, website and even on online ads. What they rarely display is the legal fees or cost of the notary services they provide.

This is because there are different fees for the notary services that clients are asking for. Some people have more documents to certify, which can increase the cost. Some might have fewer documents, but these documents might require additional checks from the embassy or other organisations. These will also add on to the cost. Hence, it is not easy to give a fixed price before the lawyer knows exactly what documents they are working with.

For those requiring notary services for their legal documents, they may be more interested in the fees and lawyer’s turnaround time as compared to their qualifications or how prestigious their law firm is.

When you select lawyers based on these criteria, the risk of committing mistakes can be reduced and a smooth service can be assured for you and the lawyer.

Membership Of The Association
It is another important criterion you should consider while choosing a notary public. There are different notary associations that need their members to adhere to certain guidelines with respect to training, education and work hours. Hence, you can be assured that a member of such an association will be well-trained.

Location & Convenience
You should know where the short listed public notary is stationed prior to hiring their notarial services. Typically, you should select a notary who stays near your residence or can deliver the signed documents to your home or office so that your time spent can be significantly reduced. Especially noting that most people are working office hours, which is similar to the opening hours of law firms. This means that you might have to take an off day just to see the lawyer, and an additional off day to collect your documents.

To make the process easy, lawyersearch can help you with notary services to help you save time in choosing a lawyer or getting advice on how to get started. (most people need some sort of guidance first before they get started due to the confusing nature of notaries).

Do you find it easy and convenient to access the lawyer? If you cannot reach them easily, you should avoid purchasing their notarial services. Since your requirements can be quite urgent, you need someone who will be only a call away and is not reluctant to talk to you. Experienced and reputed notaries understand and follow the importance of effective communication and thus ensure that they make themselves easily available for their clients.

You should always find out about the fees of a public notary prior to purchasing their services. You may be surprised to find that different firms can charge hugely different amounts. This may be due to the complexities, overheads, time required or simply because there isn’t a publicly known ‘market rate’ for these services.

However, it is imperative to note that you can only be aware of a limit and not the exact fee or cost of service. If you are expecting to hire a mobile notary, you should know that these professionals can charge convenience fees from you. Hence you may have to pay somewhat more for hiring their services. The convenience charge is typically demanded apart from the actual notarial service cost.

If you require advice on notaries or are simply unsure of what to do or how to get started, visit our site at lawyersearch and we will be glad to help you.

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