How to Change Your Name via Deed Poll in Singapore

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Changing your name is a relatively fast and simple process for most people. It usually costs less than $100 and can be done within a day or two. With LawyerSearch, you can even do it online.

Before we get into the details, do note that a Deed Poll is not needed if you are looking to :

  • Add a married name
  • Add a religious name

In these 2 instances, ICA requires a marriage certificate and baptism certificate respectively.

To change your name legally (i.e recognised by the authorities) you will need to get a lawyer who can draft a Deed Poll for you before submitting it to ICA. A Deed Poll is the legal document that you sign to change your name.


Why do people change their names?

There are many reasons for a name change, some of them are :

  • People who hate their name
  • Adding a religious name (e.g John)
  • Removing/Altering part of a name e.g D/O or S/O or
  • Changing the order in a name e.g Lim Melvin to Melvin Lim
  • Adding married names
  • Superstitious reasons

With that out of the way, let’s get into the legalities of a name change.


Who can get a Deed Poll?

You can get a Deed Poll if you are a Singaporean Citizen, or a Singaporean PR.

If you are below the age of 21, your parents must sign the Deed Poll (Both parents must acknowledge the name change by signing it). If one parent is unreachable, there could be an additional step required to complete the deed poll (e.g filling up a declaration form). The lawyer you have consulted will advise you accordingly.

You can get a Deed Poll on your own (i.e sign the document and acknowledge) if you are above 21.

You can get a Deed Poll at anytime.

For NSFs, please check with Mindef/SPF/SCDF first if you can get a Deed Poll while serving.


Any Naming Restrictions?

While getting to choose your new name can be exciting, do note that there are restrictions in place and that it can be rejected.

Names can be rejected if they contain vulgarities, are deemed offensive or unsuitable. They can also be rejected if they mislead others into thinking that you are a title holder e.g Datuk, Tan Sri, Duchess, Sir, etc.

As there can be infinite possibilities for names, please check with the lawyer or ICA if your new name is allowed.

There are also no restrictions on the number of times you can change your name.


Any other alternatives to Deed Poll?

Yes there are. You may also change your name via a marriage certificate (adding married name), or religious certificate (adding religious name) as mentioned above.


Ok, I got all the information I need. Now how do I get started with a Deed Poll?

A fast way of getting a Deed Poll is through one of our Lawyers. You can get started by clicking here and filling up the form. Our lawyer will then contact you to advise you if there are any issues with your new name, and with further instructions on how to proceed.


After the Deed Poll

Once you’ve gotten the Deed Poll, you can submit it to ICA for them to process. Do note that they will not automatically change your name on your IC after the Deed Poll. You will still have to apply to ICA for a change in particulars. If it’s successful, they will then issue you with an IC with your new name on it.

The good news is that you can do so online if you have all the necessary documents ready in digital format. Currently, their fee is $60 and you’ll receive a collection email if your application is successful.

Additionally, there may be different organisations that you’d have to inform of your name change, e.g banks, your employer, school etc.

Ready to change your name? Talk to our lawyers and get it done quickly, easily.  


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