Things to ask a Lawyer on a first consultation

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Most people who consult divorce lawyers usually do so for the very first time. They are nervous, have tons of questions to ask, and may not be prepared. Furthermore, law is an area which is only familiar to those practicing it. It’s not something the average person in the street may know much of. Hence, we came up with some important questions to go through with your divorce lawyer :



  • What are my options?


This is something you should immediately ask after explaining your situation to the lawyer. Because everyone’s situation is unique, the answers you receive will be personally tailored to you. This is an important question to ask and have answered because it gives you a guide as to how you can proceed with the case. Law is complex, and having your options laid out in front of you is like having an MCQ question where you just have to pick an option which you think is best (on the lawyer’s advice of course).


Another important question to ask here is how much the legal fees for the various options costs. Lawyers can charge on a per hour basis, or as a whole package. Obviously, a whole package or nett pricing would be better for you since you know how much you’d have to fork out.

Cheapest divorce lawyer’ here is relative.


  • What does this mean?

This is your situation, so it’s best to try and understand what is going on, and what it’s implications are. If you have understanding of the situation, you can then ask the right questions. Asking the right questions leads to better answers, and in turn you get a good grasp of things. You know exactly what you’re facing, your obstacles, your options and your recourse.

Furthermore, if you know your stuff, even your lawyer won’t be able to take advantage of you.


  • Is there anything I should do?

In complex situations, there might be things you need to be aware of, things that you should and shouldn’t do while waiting for the case to be brought to court. For example, in a harassment case, you need to ask your lawyer on what to do if for example the perpetrator tries to harm you by knocking on your door or makes threats. Knowing your rights and what you can do in the interim will help you avoid any further problems. You don’t want to break the law or put yourself at a disadvantage in a legal proceeding.


  • How do I feel?

After the first consultation, ask yourself if the lawyer you just met is someone you trust, and am comfortable with. Remember that you will be working with this person for the next few months or even years (in contested divorce cases), and your life is dependent on their choices and actions.

Some lawyers will convince you to hire them by talking about their achievements and experience, etc. While this can be helpful, its not useful to you unless you have a reference point on which to base those claims. There could be numerous other lawyers who have won that award, or other lawyers who have the roughly the same years of experience in that niche.

Do not be afraid to shop around for lawyers and ask around for recommendations. Good lawyers are plenty, you just have to find one. (P.s this is what LawyerSearch is for!)

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