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For divorces In Singapore, there are 2 common types : Contested Divorce and Uncontested Divorce.

To keep this concise, they are described as :

Contested Divorce

This is when both parties agree to the terms of divorce (who gets what, etc.).

If your situation falls here, then it will be relatively straightforward : A Lawyer is needed to help you draft the documents to be submitted to court. The process is relatively fast and the Lawyer should be able to give you a quote upfront.

Uncontested Divorce.

This is when parties cannot agree on the terms of the divorce. In this instance, it will be more complicated and the process can take longer. 

Choosing a good divorce lawyer is important not just for the outcome of your case, but also how the case is handled from beginning to end as this affects the length of the case, which in turn affects the cost, stress and emotional toll on you.

Many people change Lawyers during their divorce, which although necessary at times (to prevent more headache), is costly and takes up more time.

That being said, uncontested divorce is the more preferable choice for couples seeking divorce. It provides a fast, inexpensive way to get divorced so each party can move on with their lives. The only drawback is that the couple will have to sit down and talk about how to divide their assets, who gets the custody of children, alimony etc. This process can be difficult for some.

Moving on, here are a few tips to guide you make the right choice when choosing a divorce Lawyer :

  1.  Anticipate.

If you know a divorce is about to happen, it will be wise to start talking to a divorce Lawyer so that you understand your options. This also gives you time to settle on a divorce Lawyer you are comfortable with so that you won’t have to choose one under stressful, high-pressure situations.

Also important to remember here is that if your spouse meets Lawyer A from ABC Law Firm, you shouldn’t consider them as there could be a conflict of interest.

  1. Know what you want.

If you’ve already made up your mind and are set on getting a divorce, you have to very clear with what you want.

Think of what you really want. We’ll call this point A. This is the ideal situation, i.e what you’d really like to get out of the divorce. (maintenance, division of assets, custody of children, etc.)

Next we have point B, which is the minimum you can live with. This is the minimum that you’d be willing to walk away with.

Point A vs Point B

When you talk to your Lawyer, this has to be established. Make it clear to him/her that these are your targets. It will be easier for them to understand you and work from there.  With anything else in life, it pays to be well-prepared. 


  1. Trusted Sources

When you search for ‘good divorce lawyers in Singapore’ , it will only help you find Lawyers with a good website, or good marketing strategy. They may not necessarily be the best out there.

Word of mouth referrals are gold, and you hardly go wrong when you hire a Lawyer someone you know recommends to you. You could also ask former Lawyers you have worked with for recommendations.

It’s no different from hiring an interior designer, or a plumber. Word of mouth referrals goes a long way and is one of the few foolproof ways to validate a divorce lawyer. 


  1. Evaluate

After the initial conversation, ask yourself if you trust this Lawyer. Some questions to ask :

    • Are you comfortable confiding in this lawyer?
    • Are they approachable?
    • Were they good listeners? Some Lawyers try to convince you to hire them by constantly talking about their achievements, etc. What you need is someone who understands your situation. This case is about you, not them.
    • Were they honest? Sometimes, the truth hurts. If the Lawyer tells you something you didn’t want to hear, you should be glad ! This is a good thing as the Lawyer wants you to understand the situation better, so you do not have unrealistic expectations. They shouldn’t only tell you things you want to hear, which could lead to disappoint.


  1. Trust your gut.

If you feel something isn’t right, walk away.

As a last tip, it’s worthwhile to spend more on a good, experienced divorce Lawyer who can help you attain point A. Risking your assets and the future of your children just to save some money could have detrimental effects in the future.

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