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Things to ask a Lawyer on a first consultation

by Admin • June 21, 2017

Most people who consult divorce lawyers usually do so for the very first time. They are nervous, have tons of questions to ask, and may not be prepared. Furthermore, law is an area which is only familiar to those practicing it. It’s not something the average person in the street may know much of. Hence, […]

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5 stages of divorce grief

by Admin • June 16, 2017

In a divorce, there are 5 stages of grief, or emotions felt by parties involved. These ‘5 stages of divorce’ or also known as ‘5 stages of grief’ were theorized and introduced by Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her book ‘On Death and Dying’. Dr Elisabeth was a psychiatrist who pioneered near-death studies and has received […]


Spouse asking for divorce?

by Admin • June 15, 2017

“My spouse wants a divorce, but I don’t. What do I do?” This is a common questions asked by people in failing marriages. You want to save the marriage by working things out, but your partner doesn’t. They are done talking and don’t want to work things out. What do you do in such an […]


Dealing with a workaholic spouse

by Admin • June 12, 2017

In Singapore, it’s very common for people to work late and take their work home with them. For the single ones out there leading this kind of lifestyle, it might be tolerable as they might have lesser commitments and can afford to do so. When they do have free time, they can spend it however […]


5 warning signs that could lead to divorce

by Admin • June 9, 2017

Problems in marriage happen over a period of time. They don’t appear out of nowhere. Often, couples might see the problem approaching, but because it looks like a small problem, they shrug it off. Small problems, if not acknowledged and rectified, can escalate into bigger problems which can cause irreversible damage to the relationship. Couples […]


Money problems between married couples

by Admin • June 4, 2017

In marriages, money is a common source of arguments. Couples may argue day after day about how their finances are not going the way they planned, or how the lack of money forces them to settle for less in their lives. Prolonged financial issues can even lead to a divorce, which is unfavourable for either […]

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Tips for a better relationship..from couples themselves

by Admin • May 29, 2017

We chanced upon an interesting thread recently. It was a question asked by an internet user, to people in relationships on how they maintained the romantic bliss in their relationships/marriages. It’s a really long thread with tons of useful information, so we decided to read the entire thread and summarise key takeaways into one nifty […]


Rebuilding Families after Divorce

by Admin • May 25, 2017

There are some (though not many) families who are able to bounce back from divorces and get back to the route of a ‘normal’ life, while the remaining are still feeling like they lost everything, still upset over what happened, with some secretly wishing the worst for their former partners. Unless you have been in […]


Finances in Marriage

by Admin • May 18, 2017

A lot of couples argue about money at some point in their marriages. It’s relatively common because not everyone’s financial values and beliefs align. Furthermore, a lot of individuals marry their financial opposites, which can cause more friction between them due to differing habits and thoughts about finances. Solving financial issues in a marriage is […]

Questions to ask before divorce in Singapore

4 Questions to ask yourself before getting a Divorce

by Admin • May 16, 2017

There are an endless list of questions to be asked when getting a divorce. Most people who undergo divorce do so for the very first time, so this life changing situation is entirely new to them. This means it can get very daunting as they are unfamiliar with the situation and are scrambling to find […]